Bedok, Singapore

  • Bedok, also known as Bedok New Town, is a planning area and matured residential town located in the East Region of Singapore. Population wise, Bedok is the largest planning area in the Republic, being home to an estimated 289,000 residents. This high demographic is largely explained by the affordable public housing in Bedok New Town, due to its relatively distant location from the Central Area. Besides public housing developments, private residences are also prevalent in Bedok as well, most of which are found in the precincts of Bayshore, Frankel and Siglap, in the western and south-western portions of the area.

    As a part of the Tanah Merah region, the history of Bedok is largely influenced by its coastal frontier. The general area known as Bedok today, was first mentioned in maps dating to the pre-Raffles era. After Singapore was colonized in 1819, Simpang Bedok Village became an ethnically mixed community consisting of Chinese and Malay people groups.

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