Know the visitor attractions that you should check out when visiting Navarre’s capital city.

Board a Train to Pamplona, and Get Ready to Meet a Historical City

The historical city of Pamplona is primarily known for its world-renowned San Fermin festival, which holds the running of the bulls event annually every July 6 to 14.

Aside from this unique festival, Pamplona also features other travel attractions that could also pique the interest of non-bull lovers. While you could check out the historical structures of the 16th to 18th century in the likes of incredible churches, civil structural designs and fortified systems, some of the things that you shouldn’t miss is the Gothic Cathedral, which particularly prides in its Neoclassical frontage and admirable cloister, as well as the three remaining city walls of the city, including its well-preserved citadel.

Chris Leadbeater of the Daily Mail UK Travel has been going back to Pamplona not only because of the running of the bulls festival but because of the old-world charm of this Spanish city (“Pamplona Beyond the Bull-Run: Gourmet Grub, Grand Buildings and Goya in a City that is More than a Festival of Drunken Bravado”).

Here’s an excerpt of his recently-published travel article:

The Plaza de Toros is Pamplona's heart in more than just a geographical sense… It is the symbol of a city that is synonymous with bullfighting. Every July (always between July 6 and midnight on July 14), it explodes into the ragged fury of San Fermin, the fiesta that sees Spain's best matadors show off their skills in front of a frenzied crowd… I can quickly spot the landmarks that Hemingway made famous: The main Plaza del Castillo, where the group's adventures play out, is still lined with busy bars. Cafe Iruna, the 19th century salon where they recuperate over coffee, is still alive and elegant on the square's northern edge. And Gran Hotel La Perla, the five-star retreat where Hemingway often stayed, still offers the most celebrated view of the bull-run from its rear balconies.

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