Located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, you could only expect a day full of action when driving to a city in Colorado.

Brace Yourself for an Activity-Filled Day in Boulder

The college town of Boulder is known for its wide array of invigorating activities; hence outdoorsy travelers are drawn to visiting this part of Colorado.

You can start a trail at Chautauqua Park, where you’ll be treated to far-reaching sceneries of Boulder as well as a closer look of the impressive rock formations of Flatiron. With this, you can just follow what Daily Mail UK Travel writer Natasha Culzac did as she spent a day here during her most recent visit to Colorado (“Colorado by Car: Calling on Molly Brown, 140 Craft Beers and a Town Called Boulder”).

Here’s a quick excerpt of her travel article:

I spend an afternoon scaling the fringe of the Rocky Mountains to gaze at a group of rock formations called The Flatirons, so named because of their uncanny likeness to the household appliance. As I reach a lookout point I stand amazed at the wonderful panoramic vistas on offer and realize this is exactly this kind of euphoria that hikers live off (the same kind that I’ve regrettably missed in my exercise-dodging years)… But I don't just want to explore on my own two legs. I have long harbored a deep-seated childhood desire to be a cowgirl for a day and Sylvan Dale Ranch, in nearby Loveland, promised 3,000 acres of dusty farmland and a real-life cowboy to show me around.

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