The White House is irrefutably the most unshakable and powerful icon of the US government, and while its interior could be toured by the public, are you aware of the standard steps that ought to be followed before you are granted entry to this historical structure?

How to Prepare Your Visit to the White House in Washington

Officially known as the main office and official residence of the US President, the White House is enclosed by the Ellipse, Lafayette Square and various parks and museums.

While most travelers visit the White House and become contented merely by having a simple picnic around the area, many others want to enter its doors to get a more remarkable experience. However, unlike many travel destinations where a do-it-yourself or an on-the-spot tour is possible, a White House tour must be scheduled up to six months before one’s Washington trip. 
USA Today contributor Nikki Jardin enumerates the nine steps that every White House visitor should follow before one could be given access to this highly-secured place (“Visiting the White House in Washington, D.C.”). She shares that the first step is to gather a group of at least ten people as part of the visiting party. 
Here is an excerpt of one of the tips that she shares in her article:
Assemble the names of the people in the visiting party. If the number in the party is less than 10, the party may request to join another small group on visiting day.
Check out the rest of her article, and learn more on how to start your preparation for your visit to the White House in Washington.


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