How to Raise Good Travelers

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We all want the best for our children, and part of that is raising them to be global citizens, with a keen sense of tolerance and cultural awareness. So we read them books, take them to museums, and sometimes, bring them along on our travels to give them a bigger sense of the world. 

How will they respond though? Some kids LOVE traveling, can't get their bags packed fast enough. Others ... aren't as cooperative. Why? And what can we do?

Elaine Ee offers 7 Tips for Bringing Up Good Travelers on the CNN International Blog; specifically, "How to plant the seeds of good travel in your children, before they go on the road."

These tips are actually really helpful. Some of them hadn't even immediately occurred to me ("treat service staff with respect"). Check out the full list!

Another way to make travel with your children easier, is to book through Royal City Travel. We can take care of all the arrangements of your next trip, plus give you some tips on kid-friendly spots to visit. 

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