Tucked in the south-central part of Europe, just about everyone would be thankful that Slovenia’s beauty remains to be untouched and protected from any form of ultimate urbanization.

Never Dare to Miss Slovenia in One of Your Future Travels

With a mountainous topography and an extraordinarily high setting, Slovenia has evidently preserved its undeniable natural beauty along with its diverse flora and fauna.

Due to its cultural and natural travel attractions, a great selection of tourism developments has been created. This was personally seen by Daily Mail UK Travel writer Stanley Johnson who has not only witnessed the Vienna Secession and Baroque structures in this Slavic country’s capital city, Ljubljana, but also saw the endless natural tourist destinations of the nation (“Falling in Love (Again) with Slovenia, a Land of Bears, Bees, Brides and Bountiful Nature”). 
Here’s a short excerpt from his recent article:
On all sides, the mountain peaks soar above the forest. If you are a lover of nature, Slovenia is ideal. Sixty per cent of the country is covered in forest and around 35 per cent of the land is protected… But here in Slovenia, it is not a question of isolating man from nature. That magical patchwork landscape of Alpine meadows, rich in flowers and grasses, depends critically on the traditional farming patterns, with the cattle being pastured in the mountains during the summer… It depends, too, on the vital work of pollination done by bees.
Catch the rest of his fascinating article here, and you’d absolutely be mesmerized by Slovenia as well!

So start planning a trip to Slovenia today!

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