Are you looking to chart a course for adventure? Charter a trip aboard the Second Wind and explore the US Virgin Islands in style. Take a full or half day charter on this 55-foot Motor Yacht and see the islands the way you want to see them.

Set sail on the Second Wind Motor Yacht and explore the US Virgin Island

If you want to get a clear view of the clear water near the Virgin Islands you need to board Second Wind. This incredible ride will be like no other. This yacht will show you the real beauty of that place. You can snorkel on the way and also scuba dive. There are sun bathing positions on the yacht and the real fishermen can enjoy some amazing fishing too. The vessel is fully air conditioned so there is no need to worry about the sun. Also, a planned menu can be booked for beforehand so you can enjoy what you really want to. 

Contact us and get more details for booking a ride. 

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