The Rustic Perhentian Islands in Malaysia

Perhentian, when roughly translated to English means "stopping point." True enough, the rustic Perhentian Islands in Malaysia have become a favorite stop for many tourists. Many vacationers find themselves staying a little longer when they reach the Perhentian Islands. Who wouldn't spend a bit more time here, anyway? With its picturesque views and clear waters, this is definitely an ideal place for an extended vacation!

Composed of two islands, Perhentian Kecil and Perhentian Besar, this is a well-known destination for snorkeling and diving with its crystalline waters that house a variety of coral, sea turtles, small sharks, and reef fish. But aside from exploring the underwater world, tourists really come to the Perhentian Islands to relax under the sun. When you're here, remember to give some time to soak up the sun with a good book and a refreshing drink beside you. There is nothing like relaxing in the Perhentian Islands!

If you're done snorkeling, diving, or sunbathing, there are many more in-land activities you can do in the Perhentian Islands. Such include jungle trekking, joining a fire and hula party at Bubu Long Beach Resort, eating out at Kecil (Senja is a highly recommended seaside restaurant), or even doing volunteer work so you can contribute in helping conserve the homes of sea turtles.

The Perhentian Islands truly is a beautiful place to stay in for an extended holiday. Relax, rejuvenate. Book your vacation with a travel agent today!

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