Toasting the Home of Tomato Juice Where else but at French Lick?

By Anita Draycott
The story goes that one day in 1917, Louis Perris, a harried chef at the French Lick Hotel, ran out of orange juice. Eager to please his customers, Perrin squeezes some fresh tomatoes, adds a dash of sugar and seasoning. Voilà, tomato juice is born.
Before dinner at the 1875 Restaurant, (named for the year of the first Kentucky Derby in nearby Louisville), we thirsty Warriors met bartender,Tomi Parker, whose been working at the French Lick resort for almost 30 years. Tomi takes her role as mixologist at the 1875 seriously. When I asked her if she had any special concoctions to pay tribute to the tomato juice legacy, Tomi whipped up her signature 1875 Bloody Mary.  This “meal in a glass” contains vodka that Tomi has infused with whole black peppercorns, Tabasco, Worchestire sauce and tomato juice (canned). Tomi garnishes it with slices of lemon and lime, green olives and a colossal cocktail shrimp. The black pepper vodka adds depth and bite.


I want to go to French Lick