Read on to learn more on how to travel to Indonesia.

Travel Tip: What You Need to Travel to Indonesia

Indonesia is now considered as one of the top travel destinations in Asia, so it’s no surprise how thousands to millions of travelers make it as one of their must-visit countries in the continent.

Continue on reading, and get more information on how you can travel to Indonesia.

1. Advance Application for Visa

Get a visa from an Indonesian embassy prior to boarding a flight to Indonesia. This may cost around $50 to $100 and may take less than a week of processing. This 2-month-valid visa is required from citizens of countries like Iraq, Israel, Cuba and North Korea. Get the complete list of the 17 nations here.

2. Getting a Visa upon Arrival

A lot of Westerners obtain a visa using this method, in which all they need is to get their passports stamped for merely $25. This may sound simple but another requirement is that you have to present a ticket of return, and this can be presented in e-tickets. Travelers who’re residents of Argentina, Taiwan, Belgium, USA and Switzerland fall under this category. Get the complete list of countries here.

3. Visa Waiver

Generally applying to ASEAN countries, this type of visa merely needs your passport to get stamped at Indonesian border checkpoints. Countries eligible for this method are Vietnam, Brunei, Thailand and Singapore. Get the complete list of countries here.

Finally, ensure that your passport is still valid for at least six months and that it still includes at least one blank page.

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