if you like spending your holiday in a beach, this is for you!

Unique beach experience in Wailea Beach


You'll visit Ho'okipa to see Maui's daredevils hang-ten, and you'll scamper down the cliffs of Kaihalulu to behold its legendary wine-stained sand. So which beach do you go to just to swim and relax?

Enter Wailea on Maui's southern shore. This beach hosts the swankiest hotels and some of the posh vacationers. Instead of umbrellas and beach chairs, you'll find cabanas and chaise lounges (for the Four Seasons Resort guests only, thank you very much). But you'll also be treated to warm stretches of white sand and some of the best sunsets on the island.

A beautiful piece of real estate, sandy beaches and volcanic formations along the seaside are a pleasure to behold at any time of the day, and whale watching is easy. And the best feature, Wailea is free to enjoy at any time of day. You'll find these prized sands on the Maui's southwest coast.

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