Panama – paradise for beach and nature lovers.

With the Pacific Ocean on the south and the Caribbean Sea on the north, Panama is, in no doubt, one of the best surfing destinations in the world. A recommended length of your vacation is approximately a week, when rainforests, beaches and mountains could all be experienced.

Learn more about Panama’s surfing life, in particular, in this clip prepared by Roman Konigshofer as he interviews the Panaman Russell Slough. This 63-year-old local further shares,

The people of Panama are something I´m very proud of. They are pretty sincere and they're simple people, it doesn't take a lot to keep us happy, but we understand the priorities of life are to be happy… In my pursuit of anything I want. I am a firm believer and that life is to be reached out and taken by the throat, shaken, and lived as intensely as you possibly can.

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