While Panama puts forward diverse travel attractions, such as archeological ruins, growing urbanization and challenging mountains, to be enjoyed by all types of travelers, only a few of these know about the paradise-like white sand beaches at its San Blas Islands.

Panama possesses the archipelago of San Blas Islands, where the primary inhabitants are called Kuna Indians. 

With its remote location and the traditional culture followed by its people, San Blas Islands remain to be an untouched travel destination that simply promises nature at its very best.
Take a look at the startling seascapes and a wide array of wildlife both on the mainland and under the sea in this short video prepared by Scott Sporleder, who shares,
Comprised of over three hundred postcard perfect islands, The San Blas could be anyone's classic definition of paradise. Everywhere you turn there is a little islet plopped in the middle of the sea with a few palm trees lazily swaying over the Caribbean sea, just waiting for the next island explorer to take a little siesta beneath it.

So make sure you include San Blas Islands in your travel to Panama today!

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