Street foods definitely complete an adventure trip. Here we give you the top destinations for such.

What are in the Top Ten Cities for Street Food

If you happen to have an adventurous spirit, there are destinations that answer your craving for street food.  

Here are top ten city destinations for street food culinary cravings and what they are known for.

1. Bangkok, Thailand

Must-try: noodle stalls - chicken noodles, duck noodles, egg noodles with wonton and 'moo daeng' (red barbequed pork), beef and meat ball noodles, 'yen ta four' (noodles in red soy bean paste with morning glory, squid and fish ball)

2. Singapore

Chicken rice and Laksa, Yusheng, Chwee Kueh, Lor Mee, Rojak and Popiah are the most recommended street foods, and they should not be missed when in Singapore.

3. Penang, Malaysia

Top destinations for street foods in Penang: Char Koay Teow stall, De Tai Tong café, Zealand Seafood, Restoran Kassim Mustafa and Weld Quay Restaurant.
4. Marrakech, Morocco

Food adventure treats when in Marrakech: Harira Soup, M’semmen, Pastilla, Snails, Shawarma, and Moroccan hamburger and, not to forget, Moroccan pastries.

5. Palermo, Sicily

Here are the top picks for Palermo street foods: Babalucci, Pane Penelle, Pollanca, Scaccio, and Cedro, Panino con Salsiccia, Frittola, Pane con la Milza and Stigghiola

6. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The River in District 4 is the ultimate destination for street foods like xoi gac, bo la lot, che dau trang, xio man, goi du du kho bo and pho bo.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

The top 5 street eats must-finds in Istanbul:  Sabirtasi’s Icli Kofte, Citir Simit Bakery, Kizilkayalar’s Wet Burger, Maya Kumpir and The Galata Cucumber Man.

8. Mexico City, Mexico

Get ready for tacos, tortas, tladuyas, sopes, ceviche, cocteles, and cerveza Bien Fria.
9. Brussels, Belgium

From small kiosks on the streets, you’ll find good Belgian food, such as Belgian waffle, frites, chocolates, beer and speculoos.

10. Ambergris Caye, Belize

Great food on the beach and the freshest that you can sink your teeth in. This includes red snapper or barracuda as well as a conch ceviche.

So bring out your backpacks and head to these exciting city destinations for the fill of the best street foods in the globe.

Start planning your next food trip adventure as early as now!

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