aghori in india

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aghori in india

Know More Details about Aghoris
Aghoris are the devotees of Shiva manifested. Aghori in India believes that Shiva is absolute, omnipresence omnipotence, and omniscience. According to them, whatever happens in this world it happens because of only Shiva. They have the medicine for the deadliest of the patients. Moreover, these medicines are referred to as human oils. They use to collect this medicine from the dead body ashes. The life of Aghori is not easy to live. To become an Aghori there are certain rules to follow. They used to wear a black dress with long black hair. They live in isolated places far away from the public. They will putrefy garbage; eat rotten food, and even human feces or urine. They are known for their troubling nature to eat anything. aghori in india

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